Christian Divorce. Why Is Family Mediation Better?

Christina Family Mediation

Christian Divorce. Why Is Family Mediation Better?

Like any marriage, Christian marriages are vulnerable to breakdown and can sometimes result in divorce. Married couples, whether religious or not, may face issues that can undermine their marriage and lead to its failure if left unchecked. Sometimes a couple may do everything they can to hold their marriage together – counseling, talking with a pastor, joining support groups, and praying.  And sometimes they get divorced anyway.

Divorce can be very contentious, challenging even the most well-intentioned people.  How can a Christian couple divorce without compromising their faith and integrity, all while preserving family relationships?

Christian Family Mediation

Divorce mediation is a preferred means of dispute resolution as it is less costly and time-consuming than litigation.  When a couple wants a straightforward divorce while still honoring their family and partner, it is best to avoid hiring expensive and “all-or-nothing” attorneys.

A Christian Family Mediator, such as Blue Skies Mediation, can help a couple communicate through challenges without escalating the situation to the point where the family is fractured.

Blue Skies’ goal is to provide a kinder, gentler divorce that preserves both family peace and assets.  Our unique approach combines financial analysis, mediation, and life coaching to guide you through the confusing process of divorce and help ease anxiety and stress.

We meet with both parties to sort out issues they are otherwise unable to resolve, producing a binding divorce agreement. This may involve property division, child support, and custody or alimony. Our approach allows you to be in full control over your divorce – your emotions, financial and family decisions, and the eventual outcome.

We have completed training provided by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors to help clients process their emotions and circumstances through this difficult period.  We also provide practical and emotional support through partnerships with marriage counselors and life coaches to give you hope for the future.

With our Christian clients, Blue Skies is able to approach the divorce process from a religious standpoint, when desired. Each party’s faith is acknowledged, and Bible scriptures may used to provide direction and counsel, as well as peace of mind and encouragement. Faith-based mediation also addresses any emotional and spiritual issues a couple may have.

Divorcing Christian couples sometimes face stigma, as the church generally frowns upon divorce. A couple might be caught in a cycle of guilt and shame, all while knowing that the relationship not a healthy one.  Blue Skies can help couples break the strongholds of unhealthy attachments and relationships, while encouraging couples to seek a future that allows them to be the full and thriving person that God created.

Professional Divorce Mediation in the Atlanta Area

If you are looking for a reliable and effective divorce mediator in the Atlanta Area, contact Blue Skies Mediation. Our divorce mediation specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully mediate your family law issues.

Call us at 904-710-9245 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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